June Smith

June Smith Born 1926 Maitland NSW ……. “You wait till your father gets home!” I marvelled at the beautiful rolling hills as I made my way along the road to meet June. I arrived to find her all dressed up waiting for me, a big smile on her face-complete with her carefully painted purple/pink lips. Her lipstick perfectly matched her vibrant outfit which was completed with a gorgeous ornate brooch carefully pinned to her jacket. One of the first things to strike me as I settled in was a photo on the wall. As we walked to the photo for a closer look June told me the photo was of her and her fiancé Gordon when they were engaged. She explained how she had to get permission from her parents to be en

Tom Hazell

Tom Hazell Born 1926 Grenfell NSW ……. “Help everyone, be kind to each other” Tom immediately struck me as a really kind man, cleanly shaven with a big smile to boot he was eager to share the story of his life with me. I was also lucky enough to meet his granddaughters Cindy and Paige. It is amazing to chat with the offspring of the people that I am so fortunate to meet, photograph and interview and it gives me even more insight into their incredible lives. Tom was born in Grenfell NSW, he had 3 brothers and one sister. Tom and his siblings grew up on the property “Glenroy”, between Boorowa and Crookwell. Tom laughed as he told me that his parents taught him, “not to wag school”. At the ripe

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