Woodley and Dorothy Smith

Born 1930 and 1938

Harden, NSW

“Half a loaf is better than none at all”.

Waiting out on the veranda was Woodley and his wife Dorothy. As the birds were singing, Woodley sat patiently in the warm sun, while Dorothy greeted us from the door.  The couple were from Harden, a township in the Hilltops Region of New South Wales.

Woodley and Dorothy were married back...

Judith Bensley
Born April 9th 1931

"Be kind to people"

Judith met me on her four wheeler at the farm gate of her Nerriga road property, just ten kilometres out of historic Braidwood, the day I came to photograph her last year. At this time the area was in desperate need of rain, and still is, having endured a bitter winter with no feed for the stock on the sheep farm. Still,...

Nancy Locke

Born 1930

Jerilderie, NSW

I met the wonderful Nancy Locke in her old weatherboard home in Jerilderie. Originally born in Sydney, Nancy moved to the New South Wales town of Jerilderie when she was just 3 years old, and has lived there ever since.

Nancy met her husband Norman Locke in 1946. Norman was a Barndardo boy, a term used to describe the poor misfortunate children w...

Norma Reid

Born 1935

Grenfell, NSW.

“Say your prayers at night”.

When I was presented with the opportunity to meet Norma Reid, I was very excited. It was a great feeling to know that there was another wonderful elderly Australian I could photograph from the town of Grenfell.

Norma is the sister of Tom Hazell, another gentleman I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing. Norma liv...

Garry Carroll & Aileen Stevens

Ganmain, NSW

“Love god and love your neighbours”.

I met siblings Garry and Aileen in the country town of Ganmain, New South Wales. Both of them were smiling and happy to see me upon my arrival. How I loved meeting them both!

Garry was an old farmer. He was a lovely man with a really easy going nature. He told me that the best years in Australia were be...

Jan Eastaway Born 1936
Piney Range , NSW

.......“Never give up”🙏

After a big day shooting in Grenfell I headed out to meet Jan. Jan had originally been referred to me by a gorgeous lady named Paige, who owns a nearby giftshop-I am so grateful to her for the referral as Jan is one special lady indeed.
Jan resides at “Oakleigh” a 3000 acre property at Piney Range which sits 30kms to...

Margaret Edwards
Born 1939

“Never get involved when people are talking politics and religion”.

As I drove along the Murrumbidgee River and into the picturesque country town of Gundagai, I found myself surprised by my surroundings. What was normally a very lush and green area of the Riverina, was now the driest I had ever seen it. Located between Sydney and Melbourne, this...

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Woodley and Dorothy Smith

November 13, 2019

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