Maybel May Hamilton

November 6, 2017

Mabel May Hamilton
Born 1922
Coolamon, NSW


" I like firm handshakes - People must look you in the eye nothing worse than a wet fish "

Mabel symbolises to me the simple and authentic, 'no nonsense' values of her generation.  Mabel aims to leave this world a better place through everyday gestures like a joke and a smile and lending a hand to others.  Her father taught her the importance of adapting to the era in which you find yourself, and the value of a strong handshake and steady eye contact; "Nothing worse than a cold fish!"

Mabel loves poetry and wrote her own.  She shared some of her favourites pieces with me including Harvest of Marrar,  What the Mirror Saw and First Born.

Mabel has lived through two wars and recalled to me how shaken she was on visiting the many gravesides of World War Two servicemen at the Adelaide River War Cemetery located between Darwin and Alice Springs.

Mabel counts the births of her children and grandchildren among her greatest joys, she loved her morning swim, and wouldn't change much in life, though perhaps she'd be rid of the dairy cows she loathed to milk!

Mabel has lived the past number of years in Coolamon, more recently moving to the nursing home there I understand.





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