Morrie Grant - let me tell you a bit more.

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He lived in his Van his lounge room is a tarp over the top and the dirt is the floor.

I heard about Morrie through a dear friend, she said I MUST meet Morrie.

When I arrived I found his van out the back of an old weatherboard house placed among old trees - this was his place he called home. Morrie was waiting for me sitting up tall in chair with his walking stick right beside him. There was an old 70's looking TV cabinet as a dining table covered with just so much stuff, which included a hot 4 litre white wine cask. Not far from here was a stool and 2 big milk cartons filled with water. These were his arm weights, and in front of this stuck to the back of his Combi Van was his eye chart - just like one you see in the optometrist but hand written on the inside of a beer carton in black texta.

He told me he had it all - the wife, the house and money, but this is what I like Tanya, the simplicity - you just don't need all that stuff. As I type this it is just like yesterday that we spoke it brings a tear to my eye to think he said as I walked away " You have made my day Tanya " What a bright, brilliant and kind man - I am so honored to be sharing him to the world.

"Give your brain more work in the early years"

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