At the moment.

Hi everyone, How humbled I am to see so many people take an interest in my coffee-table book of our wonderful Australians. With so many books sold since series One and Two went to print.

Thank you to everybody. ❤️ It has been a remarkable journey.

You may have noticed I’ve limited my posts on social media lately. Don't worry, the shop is still open here, or you can go to my website.

A tremendous ongoing gift 🎁 mothers day is soon.

I'm pouring my energy (away from SM ) whilst I continue my visiting and yarning to the elderly and now working with youth. This journey does continue in many different ways.

In time “Breed of their own “will hold an exhibition so stay with us.

I will also give a book away soon 👏❤️ do stay with us and continue to share. These faces and stories never grow old.

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