Series Two ~ Jim Daniher



I distinctly remember this trip to Ungarie, a tiny little rural town in New South Wales. I’d met a few characters here over the years, and each one had a story. Ungarie gives you the feeling that it used to be a thriving town back in its day, but it just seems so sleepy now. Like many of the small regional towns, the people who are here are ones who have been here for decades.

Whilst driving onto Jim’s property, the first thing I spotted was the massive AFL goal posts. I knew then that I had the right place: this is a football family. The Danihers are legends in the game, from this tiny town of Ungarie.

Jim and his wife, Edna, had four sons play first grade AFL, in addition to also having seven daughters. With the bit of time I had, Jim and Edna were very welcoming. Edna made me probably the best biscuits I have had yet. Jim said about their life, “We have been blessed over time.” But he also said that part of being happy was that

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