A little more on Kenny Bradley

" I wish I had a plan "

This gentleman, Kenny Bradley, was coy when I asked the year of his birth; laughing before replying that it was best left untold, fearful it might negatively influence any future romances he might wish to explore. Kenny has lived his whole life in Braidwood, where I grew up, but still is very much a mystery to me. He certainly is eccentric (and obviously a collector of all things),is a confessed lover of Italian singers and the era of the eighties, and has a real passion for growing native trees. Unmarried and with no children, Kenny told me that it was his mother whom he still considered the greatest influence in his life and that living cleanly, as she had taught him; "No grog, no smokes, no drugs", was the key to living well. Kenny could not pinpoint one time he considered most memorable in his life, declaring himself even-tempered, but admitting that if he had his time again he would "write a plan. And stick to it!", which would include holidaying twice a year. Perhaps there is a clarity that comes with age, because so many of my subjects have expressed the same simple sentiments as Kenny.

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