Ian Robertson

Ian Robertson February 1917 Braidwood Ian 'Robbo' Robertson was a formidable man. And a reluctant subject of my questions. "What's your secret to living life to the fullest?" "None", he replies, taking a bite from his morning tea cake and holding his serious gaze. Moving to Braidwood in 1945, Robbo took over the ownership of the local NRMA in 1958 after a number of years employment there, putting his twin sons through their motor mechanics apprenticeships and taking no more than a couple of days off in his life. "Do you have a favourite line from music or a poem?" "Nope. But I do have a favourite car; Ford... ALL the Fords. Ford V8, especially the 1946." Ian had four children with wife Alison (originally from Molong in the central west of NSW). He told me, "I have done all I wish to do (in life) - all I can do”.

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