Mr John Elliot

John Ellliot Born 1926 Cootamundra "You have to know where you are going" John Elliott grew up on a farm in the tiny locality of Dirnaseer between Temora and Cootamundra. When I met him he was riding his tandem mobility scooter through the Market Place in Wagga Wagga, his sister by his side. We struck up an instant friendship, and I still visit with him in his home in Central Wagga for a cuppa or small glass of red. John told me he lead a great life with never a dull moment. He'd often lie in bed awake for hours making plans for the future; "you have to enjoy what you do and be willing to put in the hardwork". John loves horses and recalled to me riding eight miles to school each day, "I used to be a real natural!' Much like he was on the skis on Burrinjuck Dam I imagine, "...reckon I taught half of Coota (to ski)". John knows the value of life, his positive attitude seeing him through serious illness which he says gave him a second lease on life. John is not one to complain, appreciating all that he has, his home and the treasures he fills it with. It is this happiness I am met with each time I see him; yarning about town or looking for something interesting to buy. Though his hearing may not be what it once was and age is catching up with him, I cannot imagine life without John, such a big part of my life he has become.

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