Betty Thompson

Betty Thompson

Born 1927

Tumbarumba NSW

……. “Do the right thing and take care of yourself!”

It was a hot and windy afternoon, the retirement village flag was flapping in the courtyard and the buzzers were running hot from the resident’s rooms, then along came Betty. Betty is such a soft, kind soul and it took her no time to open-up and tell me all about the life she has lived.

Betty was born at home in Tumbarumba in 1927. Betty went on to marry ‘Lance’ and together they raised 4 children. In Betty’s words her inspiration in life has always been, “Belonging to the Lord, getting on the right path in life and trying to help people through, kindness and care”. She heralds the secret to living life to the fullest is through, “being thankful to the lord each day. For our food, our fresh air, company & family and thinking of others and where you can help”. Oh-and also, “no grog or smokes”.

Betty told me that her father had said that she hadn’t had a good enough education to study further, Betty however begged to differ. “I said, I’m going to try”, so she sat for an exam in 1945 at the Tumbarumba Court House. Seems that Betty did know best as she reminisced of the most memorable time of her life, she received news that she had been accepted into nursing training and told me of her excitement to go to Sydney and train to become a nurse. Betty worked as a midwife at Calvary Hospital in Wagga Wagga and was even featured in the book ‘No births on Monday-By Mavis Gaff-Smith’. The photo featured of Betty was taken at her very first delivery.

According to Betty the best years in Australia were from 1945 up until 2000. She went on to say that in her eyes things started to go downhill from then with all the extra people coming in from other countries and went on to clarify, “They were good people, but we are not used to it”. A devout Christian, Betty claims she couldn’t live without her Bible, family and friends and she went on to tell me that she has had a good life and will continue to help people as much as she can. I think everyone could take a cue from Betty, when asked what her inspirational quote on life was, she said, “Do the right thing and take care of yourself. Count your blessings each day. Be kind, never abusive to each other”. Very sound advice indeed, from a very sweet soul.

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