Nancy Locke

Nancy Locke

Born 1930

Jerilderie, NSW

I met the wonderful Nancy Locke in her old weatherboard home in Jerilderie. Originally born in Sydney, Nancy moved to the New South Wales town of Jerilderie when she was just 3 years old, and has lived there ever since.

Nancy met her husband Norman Locke in 1946. Norman was a Barndardo boy, a term used to describe the poor misfortunate children who were taken off the streets and forced to work as child laborers on farms. Nancy and Norman were married in 1949 in a Catholic Church. It was about that year that the two moved out to a farm where they lived in tents. Nancy and her husband Norman also lived with about 5 others on 1500 acres of land. Luckily, Norman didn’t have to go back to war in Korea as they were now farming.

Nancy’s greatest inspiration in life is her beautiful family. With 7 children, as well as the joy of grandchildren, Nancy loves sharing her life with them. “I think we were happier in our days” Nancy told me. Things in her time were managed without things they didn’t need. Nancy believes people have not progressed, they are not as helpful or considerate as they used to be – “it’s a very selfish world now”. Especially the younger ones, “they’re not prepared to work like they used to”. But Nancy still possessed a happy and welcoming nature. When I asked her what she learned from her parents she told me it was patience - “Mum always reminded me with her attitude - god give me patience, right bloody now”.

Family and friends email me to view more images, this is of poor resolution and not for print.

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