Norma Reid

Norma Reid

Born 1935

Grenfell, NSW.

“Say your prayers at night”.

When I was presented with the opportunity to meet Norma Reid, I was very excited. It was a great feeling to know that there was another wonderful elderly Australian I could photograph from the town of Grenfell.

Norma is the sister of Tom Hazell, another gentleman I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing. Norma lived in a great spot, in a beautiful white house right on the edge of town. She was a real talkative lady, always smiling and had a nervous laugh. She wore blue eyeshadow and red lipstick and lived in the coolest retro furnished house I had ever visited.

Norma’s secret to life is to keep busy and happy, “don’t smoke or drink” she said. Norma keeps herself busy by still helping out on the farm. In her earlier years, Norma adored athletics and sports. To no surprise, Norma’s philosophy on life is to be happy and healthy. When I asked her if she would change anything about her life, she explained that one’s life is mapped out at birth. “It will come into your mind when you’re young, and you will take that path”. Norma was a real hoot and I hope to see her smiling face again soon.

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