Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth Smith

Born 1930

Newcastle NSW

……. “Be glad for what is passed to you in way of freedom, clothes & food!”

Whilst visiting the nursery a local told me I needed to visit Elizabeth at her home in The Rock NSW. I am so grateful for these introductions, through the help of the community, as otherwise, I may never get a chance to meet these wonderful people and capture their stories. My friendly local told me that I would find Elizabeth’s place easily due to the massive cow mailbox, and boy he was correct-it was a monster.

The home was tucked away behind a grove of trees and there was a coolness to the air from all the shade being cast, thankfully when it was time for me to shoot some photos the sun managed to poke its way through.

Born in Newcastle in 1930, Elizabeth went on to become a teacher, married her husband Arthur Charles and together they had 2 children, Greg & Erica. The most memorable time of her life was during her time at Teachers College and her subsequent graduation.

When I asked Elizabeth about what her inspiration & secret to living life to the fullest she told me that she hadn’t ever really thought about it and went on to say, “Everyone has their ups & downs and having to roll with the good and the bad” and “We just do, make the best of what is passed to us”. According to Elizabeth she couldn’t do without daylight “The Sun, today is a gift, it is cool, but it is sunny” and her favourite music is the hymn ‘All things bright & beautiful’. And I suppose this both tie in perfectly. My final question to Elizabeth was “If you had your life over again what would you change” and without hesitation, she strongly shook her head and responded “nothing”. What a perfect way to reflect on your life, one of no regrets.

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