Dora Gerhard

Dora Gerhard March 21st 1920 North Wagga "Look after your own backyard first" Dora had nine children and so of course her life was consumed with their raising and tending to the home. She loved her dogs and believed in taking life as it comes. She lived simply with little, never owning a motor car, and grateful for the milk provided by her sister on Oura road.

Ian Robertson

Ian Robertson February 1917 Braidwood Ian 'Robbo' Robertson was a formidable man. And a reluctant subject of my questions. "What's your secret to living life to the fullest?" "None", he replies, taking a bite from his morning tea cake and holding his serious gaze. Moving to Braidwood in 1945, Robbo took over the ownership of the local NRMA in 1958 after a number of years employment there, putting his twin sons through their motor mechanics apprenticeships and taking no more than a couple of days off in his life. "Do you have a favourite line from music or a poem?" "Nope. But I do have a favourite car; Ford... ALL the Fords. Ford V8, especially the 1946." Ian had four chil

Norm Miles

Norm Miles Born 1920 Rozelle, Sydney Norm Miles has lived his life large. In fact, he claims he's lived many lives, having experienced four narrow escapes from death. Norm grew up during the Great Depression and tells stories of eating 'bread and drippings' and riding the 'paper train' from his home in Sydney to Foxground (near Kiama) to shoot rabbits for the family meal. He helped his father to build their home at Hoxton Park at Liverpool, catching the train each weekend, with timber and nails and everything else needed to continue the work. He credited his grandfather for many of his skills, including re-soling his children's school shoes. Norm boasts of meeting the Queen, and

Hilda Allen

Hilda Margaret Allen Born 1919 Wagga Wagga Hilda was one of seven children, the middle child and only girl, she saw all six of her brothers go to war. Hilda recounted to me the vivid memory of returning from church to find her mother Hazel, an otherwise staunch woman, weeping at the news that war had been declared on Germany; "she had not raised her children to be gun fodder". All of Hilda's brothers thankfully did return from war but tragically she lost both her parents at a young age, which Hilda considers the greatest sadness of her life. She was only 24 years old when her father died from a heart attack, and 27 when her mother succumbed to a brain tumour. Hilda's childhood was

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