Dorethy Griggs

Dorothy Griggs "Yang-Yalley", Araluen NSW "Gotta have great neighbours!" Dorothy's passion is cattle, boasting the same Hereford bloodline for sixty plus years at the stud she and late husband Kevin established after moving to Araluen near Braidwood in the Southern Tablelands of NSW in 1952. Today, though the stud may no longer exist, Dorothy is still in the game, running Hereford cows and heifers around the region and at this same property on which she raised her five children. Dorothy told me she'd need two lifetimes to really do any good on the farm, but still I get the impression there's little she'd do differently.

Betty and Ron Hush

Betty Hush Born 1931 Quandialla NSW " Always think positively" Betty knows to appreciate the simple things of life; a glass of sherry with Ron at 'Happy Hour' and sharing tea with anyone who'll have a cup. She believes in thinking positively, being friendly to all, and trying your hardest to make the most of what life gives you. Ron echoed these sentiments, telling me "Don't expect more from life than you're prepared to put in!" Betty met her husband Ron when boarding at St John's Hostel in Forbes. They met again in 1953 after Betty had moved to Sydney to pursue hairdressing. She says their marriage was meant to be. Betty and Ron initially made their home at Wellington, in inland NSW

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