Betty and Ron Hush

Betty Hush Born 1931 Quandialla NSW

" Always think positively"

Betty knows to appreciate the simple things of life; a glass of sherry with Ron at 'Happy Hour' and sharing tea with anyone who'll have a cup. She believes in thinking positively, being friendly to all, and trying your hardest to make the most of what life gives you. Ron echoed these sentiments, telling me "Don't expect more from life than you're prepared to put in!" Betty met her husband Ron when boarding at St John's Hostel in Forbes. They met again in 1953 after Betty had moved to Sydney to pursue hairdressing. She says their marriage was meant to be. Betty and Ron initially made their home at Wellington, in inland NSW, where they had their three children. They had dairy cows on their three acres for milk and to make butter. In 1987 Betty and Ron moved to a one hundred acre property, "Nayla" at Coursing Park, Downside. Here they ran a few goats and sheep, leasing the bulk of the property to another to farm. I spoke with Betty just yesterday and was pleased to hear both she and Ron are well in their home, now in Wagga Wagga.

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