A little more on Joyce Hatwell

I recently revisited with Joyce, now 94, to share her 'newfound notoriety' in Outback Magazine and was once again struck by her warmth as she welcomed me in. Joyce and I have no prior connection, yet she reminds me of my own grandmother, perhaps something in her smile. On this visit she confessed that seeing herself through my lens made her feel old, that her wrinkles showed her age, so I had to remind her of her value, to me and to this community. To me, Joyce epitomises gratitude; she makes her own clothes, couldn't live without her hot water service, and misses her fuel stove. These things all point so strongly to the values she holds; inventiveness, practicality, and tradition, things that I value too. Another wonderful person in my coffee table book, Breed of Their Own - (Series 1) visit the online store for further information.

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