A lovely testimonial to share!

Hi Tanya,

I saw the cover of your collection of photographs and thought I recognised the name of the author; I do and believe you are truly gifted. There are very few photographs, and even fewer photographers, that can project the character of a person in a photograph. Many years ago when I did a little study in photography, I learnt that the major difference between art and photography was that the former could portray 'character' through colour, contrast, and brush strokes. I think this is still true, but with modern methods and equipment, and knowledge on techniques, that the very good photographers can tell a story in a photo.

It may be that I know many of the people in your shots but I was struck by the position of Roy Gumm's shoulders, and then look at the stance of Kenny Bradley and it says so much about both individuals. You have also been able to catch the effect of eyes - I can see the strength and focus of direction in Dorothy Griggs. What a contrast to her brother, Kenny Bradley.

And the quotes you have used against each photo are so telling and appropriate to the individual.

In essence, Tanya, your photos tell a message as clearly as 200 or more words of prose, and the clarity of their story is compelling. Very personal regards Tony Pass

Thank you Tony Pass so nice to hear. Very rewarding!

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