Nell Sephton

Ellen Florence Sephton Born 1925 Having grown up on a dairy farm, Nell always swore she'd never marry a dairy farmer. Still she did, Herbert Sephton, who farmed the soldier's settlement he'd been allotted on the Upper Murray at Greg Greg. Nell declared the work of dairy farming not hard, but constant, with many tough times experienced and overcome at Herbert's side. This was her destiny Nell believed; the 'plan' placed upon her at birth. Nell dedicated her life to the care of others. She and Herbert were not blessed with children, this absence Nell felt deeply, but she cared for two younger sisters, and the seven children of her brother after his death. The loss of a leg for Herbert added to the struggle at home, but he never complained. And neither does Nell now. Nell's aspirations were always humble; to own her own home. Modest though it may have been, this accomplishment made her happy. When I spoke again with Nell, just a few weeks ago, I was reminded of the love story of she and Herbert. These two may have not had much by today's standards, but they had each other and that was all that mattered; that intimacy of real connection between husband and wife. Nell still feels Herbert's presence during the quiet times when on her own; the heavy then soft tread of her partner through life and beyond.

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