Cootamundra Hearld article 2017

Cootamundra Herald April 2017

Stockinbingal resident Joan Baldwin has never been one for the spotlight, but even she can’t believe how she became the face of a coffee-table book and an article in Outback Magazine.

“It just sort of landed on us,” said Mrs Baldwin.

“I think my sister’s children arranged it all, it’s a very lovely thought.”

The book in question, entitled Breed Of Their Own, is a project by Wagga photographer Tanya Friend that captures images and stories of elderly Australian living in small rural towns and after 63 years in her Stockinbingal home, Baldwin certainly has stories to tell.

“My father was the stock station agent and I used to work at the Elwood store with my sister Faye,” Mrs Baldwin said.

“In those days, young ones didn’t have a car to commute for work so we had to take on whatever we could get.”

Whilst Mrs Baldwin was happy to partake in the photoshoot and receive her copy of the book, she’s still uncertain about her likeness on display.

“You know what they say – photos never lie,” she said.

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