A proud army Reservist - Bob Carnell

" Wish I never married TWICE"

This photo of Bob Carnell was taken in Far North Queensland at Cardwell near Port Hinchinbrook, which at this time was still recovering from cyclone Yasi.

Bob was on his scooter on the way to the local newsagent when I spied and accosted him at random for this portrait. I was taken by the Australian flag attached to the back of his ride, "I must introduce myself!" was my thought. You see, there really is nothing to lose, for me this project is as much about capturing history for all Australians as it is for the love of what I do.

I know little of Bob, a once bank manager, proud army reservist, who believed in doing a job well and 'doing unto others as you would have done unto you'; still I know I was fortunate for this brief interaction with him.

*Note - all images are of poor reproduction quality, and snap shooting is illegal.

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