Dorothy Marion Lamkin Born August 24th, 1924 Grenfell NSW "It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from, you're a person" Dorothy Marion Lamkin believes in accepting life as it comes and living by her own rules; appreciate all you have, especially your health, and respect others. "If you haven't rules to live by you may as well not be here", she told me as she sat on the edge of her bed at the Grenfell Multi-Purpose Service aged care home, in bone jacket and red shirt, her room proudly displaying the life she'd created through the photos which covered her walls. Dorothy has lived in Grenfell since the age of two. She was married sixty two years to Ronald before he passed in 2017 at the age of one hundred and four, and she considers this her greatest accomplishment in life. Dorothy has two children, Wendy at Bathurst and Bruce at Thurgoona, who have provided her grandchildren and great grandchildren, and with them the greatest joy of her life. At the time of this photo, Dorothy was ninety two years; she told me her secret to a full life was keeping occupied and active, "I still teach craft."

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