Mary Morrow

Mary Morrow Born 1931 Tumut "Just having my family and garden around me is all I need" Mary moved from Tumut to Wagga Wagga when she was four years old. Mary built her life and raised her family in Hayes street, North Wagga, including through the flood of 1974. She was my neighbour, and I'd always toot my horn in hello as I drove past her home where she often sat in the sun. Mary found contentment in the simple essentials of life; family, the garden, and a good book. Mary had seven children, and when we last spoke, sixteen grandchildren and seven great grandchildren; "My life has been my kids". Mary couldn't do without reading, and though her eyesight was very poor towards the end of her life, she continued to enjoy this pleasure through audio books. Mary's home was always neat as a pin, ensuring her independence, together with the daily company of one family member or another. I thought this was very special, this care and commitment for this woman whose greatest memories were of seeing her family grow.

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