Jane Eastaway

Jan Eastaway Born 1936 Piney Range , NSW

.......“Never give up”🙏

After a big day shooting in Grenfell I headed out to meet Jan. Jan had originally been referred to me by a gorgeous lady named Paige, who owns a nearby giftshop-I am so grateful to her for the referral as Jan is one special lady indeed. Jan resides at “Oakleigh” a 3000 acre property at Piney Range which sits 30kms to the NW of Grenfell NSW on the Mid West Highway. There is not much out here and that is just how Jan likes it. She has been on the property now for 50 years & lives with her son after the sad passing of her husband Bill 8 years ago. Jan is now a proud great, great grandmother and treasures time with her children, grandchildren & great grandchildren. Quiet and soft-spoken Jan was a joy to chat with and as we delved into her past she told me her inspiration in life was to be happy-with family and that the most memorable times of her life were those spent happily with her beloved Bill, her children & grandchildren. She told me how Bill was right into the ‘green jumper’ Rugby-one of his true loves, and both Ian and Peter played during their younger days. Jan’s secret to living life to its fullest is “Never get bored or sit down too much” she also credits a life well lived to loving the ‘Gallops’ and she couldn’t do with out a glass of ‘red’. According to Jan the best years in Australia were in the 50’s “The 50’s were amazing, everyone seemed to be healthy, money was rolling-it seemed, and I was young”. I asked Jan for an inspirational quote of life to which she responded “Never give up” a sentiment that is quintessential to living on the land in Australia. And her own saying of “No drugs-be great”. Jan has endured much throughout her 50 years at Piney Range yet through it all she has done it with love, surrounded by those nearest and dearest to her and of course with a glass of red in hand. Cheers to you Jan!

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