Marjorie Maxwell

Marjorie Maxwell

Born 1932

Finley, NSW

“Never trust a red-haired woman or a chestnut horse.”

With the kids in tow, I drove west towards Deniliquin on an expedition to photograph a couple for the new series. We reached Finley with ‘requests’ for a toilet stop and an icecream. I pulled over at the local Rotary run Op shop while the smalls stretched their legs. It was completely by chance that I ran into Marjorie Maxwell. She stood out from behind the register of the shop with her grey hair, purple jumper and bright red lipstick. A warm smile broke across her face as I came through the door, drawing me in and before I knew it we were talking across the counter like old friends. She was one of those people that make you feel completely comfortable. I immediately wanted to tell her story and I told her I was a photographer and asked if I could take her picture.

“I’m a real local” she said, “I was born, married and raised a family here”. She proclaimed that she couldn’t live without the sense of community that Finley has. “By being involved, it keeps me going”.

I hope that somehow, this portrait conveys this.

Family and friends... Images seen here are of poor resolution, to get this and more taken on this day please email me via my website for more information. Not all images can be kept due to huge storage needs so don't miss out.

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