Aileen Stevens and Garry Carroll

Garry Carroll & Aileen Stevens

Ganmain, NSW

“Love god and love your neighbours”.

I met siblings Garry and Aileen in the country town of Ganmain, New South Wales. Both of them were smiling and happy to see me upon my arrival. How I loved meeting them both!

Garry was an old farmer. He was a lovely man with a really easy going nature. He told me that the best years in Australia were before the 1980s. “Today is scary for the young, we had good times”. Garry explained that before the 80s things were a lot safer than they are now. But life has changed. “I would hate to be bringing up young today”. If he could change anything about his life it would be the war. Luckily for Garry he missed out on going to war. But his brother had been chosen to be part of it all. He had also told me he would love to change what is happening in Australia today with drug problems and children. “Drugs are killing us”.

His sister Aileen, was married to her husband who passed a few years ago now. She told me that if she could change anything about her life it would be to have had children with her partner. She also wishes she could change the passing of her husband. Aileen loved working for the hospital, where she worked for 29 years. She also owned a hardware store in the local area for 30 years!

Both Garry and his sister Aileen were taught great skills from their parents. For Garry, he was taught all things farming. For Aileen, she was taught to behave, be good, and to cook. The two of them were both raised to believe in the Christian faith and very much followed that philosophy in their lives. “Have no worries in life!” Aileen said.

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