Jean Morgan

Jean Morgan Born 1925 Manly Vale

“Just believe in making the best of life”.

I would spot the beautiful Jean Morgan on our regular holidays to Manly on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. On one occasion, I passed Jean in a little laneway not far from Manly Beach, and just had to take a photo of her! Jean was so vibrant and had such a welcoming smile. I especially loved the purse she was carrying, a real 80’s style toiletry bag.

Jean used to be a English teacher during her career. Of course, no surprise, talking with Jean you could really tell how bright and intelligent she was. Jean loved to people-watch. She would often come into Manly with her book, grab herself a coffee, and just watch the people walk on by. Jean and I both shared this fascination of people-watching. I could find myself sitting in an airport all day long, wondering where everyone is going and what they are doing.

Only recently I phoned Jean to say hello and see how she was going. It was really great to chat with her again. Jean sounded just the same, she is still very independent for 94 years old and still attending church every Sunday. I would love to see her again – she’s such a gem with a real positive outlook on life!

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