Stella Hill

Stella Hill 1925 Tullibigeal, NSW “Be a good person, respect other people and their ideas”. Tullibigeal is a small farming community in the Central West region of NSW. It was here that I had the privilege of meeting Stella Hill. Stella was a talkative and welcoming lady. It was hard to believe she was shy in her days! “I was so shy, so pathetically shy,” she told me. Being an only child, Stella’s biggest ambition was to be able to talk to people more easily. When Stella was sent to boarding school in Bathurst, she felt it did a world of good for her shyness. Stella spent five years at this boarding school until the army took over in WWII. After leaving school, Stella worked in Sydney before marrying a farmer. Stella told me about her fabulous life, and when I asked her what the best time of her life was, she told me it was now. She had lived through Australia’s great depression, the war, and the recovery from the war. For her, things started to improve around the 60s and 70s. In Australia now, she believes that there is more government support, and it’s a better time to be living. Stella’s biggest inspiration was her mum.

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